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    The Cats on South Street




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    The Cats on South Street

    Post  CattyTheGreat on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:04 pm

    Woop, spontaneous RP. You're a cat. You live in a neighborhood. There are other cats. ZE END.

    Form: bounce
    Any relatives?
    Stray or pet?:

    Accepted so far:
    Name: Fork
    Any relatives?: Sky (brother)
    Stray or pet?: Stray
    Appearance: Fork has silky, sepia and white fur. His eyes are goldenrod. He's very skinny.
    Etc.: Fork is *obsessed* with shiny things. He will literally DIE for them. He keeps a shiny collection burried in an old lady's back yard.

    Name: Sky
    Any relatives?: Fork (brother)
    Stray or pet?: Stray
    Appearance: Sky has coarse, black and white fur and forest green eyes. He's very short and skinny.
    Etc.: whatev

    Name: Princess
    Any relatives?: Nope
    Stray or pet?: Pet
    Appearance: Princress is a very prissy, long-haired white cat. She can't STAND dirt or mud.
    Etc.: She gets teased by Fork and Sky. A lot.


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    Re: The Cats on South Street

    Post  xXSkitterzXx on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:26 pm

    Name: Sockz
    Any relatives?: Not that i know of~
    Stray or pet?: recently, i was let loose to the street.
    Appearance: Sockz is a young, small cat. He's on the edge of being a kitten or a cat. He's almost completely black, despite the glossy white fur on his paws. He has striking amber eyes.
    Etc.: umm....

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    Re: The Cats on South Street

    Post  Starr- on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:32 pm

    Name: Ashton
    Any relatives? Nope.
    Stray or pet?: Stray
    Appearance: Ashtron is a tabby mix, his coat is grey and has ash-colored stripes.
    Etc.: Ashton is mostly a loner


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    Re: The Cats on South Street

    Post  Alex on Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:03 pm

    Name: Ivy
    Any relatives? yes, Matilda [sister]
    Stray or pet?: stray at the moment
    Appearance: Ivy is solid blask with a white stripe from her nose down her chest to her tail she also has green eyes
    Etc.: Ivy is very cunning and indapendent she feels as if she doesn't need anyone but deep inside her she needs someone though she may not know it yet Ivy also hates prissy girls she will tease them and trick them into doing things she hates

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    Re: The Cats on South Street

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