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    Post  CattyTheGreat on Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:05 pm

    Like a Star @ heaven The Cerulean Devil was considered one of the best luxury liners in the world. On August 27th, 1978, however, the ship mysteriously sunk while it was near a small port town. Nobody survived. The locals were so upset and disturbed by this that they didn't tell anybody. It was never spoken of...again. To this day, nobody knows that happened to this ship and its 317 passengers. It was like it... d i s s a p e a r e d ... Like a Star @ heaven

    Date: July 24th, 2010
    Sylvia brushed her wavy, golden hair out of her mint eyes. Her legs hanging off of the brand new dock, she stared out at the cobalt ocean, its giant waves glistening like millions of sunkissed gems. She yawned loudly. Just then, she heard a familiar sound, faint, faint. The honk sounded again, this time louder. Sylvia squinted her eyes. A giant ship neared the dock. Its fresh, new white paint glowed in the sinking rays of sunlight. Sylvia could make out the ship's name. Well, of was in giant, black, bold letters. And then it got closer. The ship honked again, swimming forward, unstoppable. Sylvia shot up to her feet and began running. The ship was about to crash into the dock! But right before she hit land, something stopped her. It was almost like she was forced to turn around. The same force pushed her forward, to the edge of the dock. She could only watch in horror as the ship inched closer.
    Then there was screaming.
    So much screaming, hundreds of voices united into a shrill and frightened cry of agony and fear. The shreek flooded in her ears and snaked through her mind, poisoning her, paralyzing every centimeter of her body. Oh, god, the NOISE.
    And just then, when Sylvia was positive that she was about to go insane, it was cut off. She snapped back to her normal self. Nothing had happened! There was no ship, no screaming, no destroyed dock. It was like some twisted nightmare.
    And after all of this, all Sylvia could think was..."What's the Cerulean Devil?"

    PLOT: Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

    When the Cerulean Devil sunk, nobody died quickly. Some slowly froze out in the Atlantic, tortured by the world's cruel touch. But most were pushed into a world of complete darkness. Their cries and wails echoed throughout the water in vain. The icy water shot into their lungs like thousands of daggers and bullets. The water splashed in their stomachs, weighing them down until they sat in the rocky ocean bottom. They didn't see anything. They were wrapped in pure darkness and the cries of everybody around them. The nightmare ended slowly for everybody.
    It's only natural that Brownclover Dock, the area where the ship sunk, was rumored to be haunted. Did anybody expect these tales to be true? Of course not. This and the fact that nobody knows what exactly happened makes the situation hopeless for the souls trapped at the dock...reliving their death, over and over again.
    But someone can help...

    FORMS: Like a Star @ heaven Like a Star @ heaven

    Copy and paste, bro.

    Name (full):
    Cause of death: (drowning or freezing)
    Anything else?:

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    Post  xXSkitterzXx on Sat Mar 26, 2011 6:22 pm

    ((Nice RP Very Happy))

    Name (full): Kenya Destiny Iris
    Age: 12
    Gender: GIRLLL
    Nickname: Kenya
    Description: Kenya has almost white, blonde hair with side bangs. She has amber eyes that are as calming as the golden rays of the sun.
    Cause of death: freezing slowly, spending at least a day in sharp pain with the cold ocean waves biting into her.
    Anything else?: Razz errmmm... nurp.

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    Post  Starr- on Sat Mar 26, 2011 7:06 pm

    Name (full): Zaden Xaver Evergreen
    Age: 13
    Gender: Boy O.O
    Nickname: Zade. .
    Description: Zaden has brown / black hair that is longer in the frount to cover his eyes. He is pale, and has green eyes.
    Cause of death: Sort of both. Zander suffered Frost bite on his legs and arms, the freezing waters nipping at him until he finaly drownded himself, getting away from the tourture.
    Anything else?:

    Zander was a orphan who snuck onto the boat to get away from the orphanage. .

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    Post  CattyTheGreat on Sun Mar 27, 2011 9:10 am

    Name (full): Muse Avani Ivarna
    Age: 17
    Gender: boy Girl
    Nickname: Muse
    Description: Muse had sepia hair and dark brown eyes. Her skin was so pale that in preschool, other children were scared of her! She was obsessed with cactuses and octopi. Nobody knows why. At home, she had a golden retriever named Sparks. Since both Muse and her roommate died in the boat, Sparks almost starved to death when animal control found and saved him. Muse's roommate passed on, leaving her alone.
    Cause of death: (drowning or freezing) Drowning
    Anything else?: Muse used to think that she was a prophtess. Even after death, the dream swirls in her mind. It's one of the only things she remembers from her past.

    Imma start like a turtle.

    Muse sat in the pitch blackness of the rock-coated coast. Oddly enough, she was relaxed. The knife-like stines no longer sliced at her skin, and while the dark water swirled in her stomach and lungs, she had gotten used to it. She was still numb from the icy water, anyways. Gathering her strength, she reached a pale white arm at the surface of the sea. No use. It was too far away. She tried this every day, to no avail. Closing her eyes, her image flickered on and off, until it vanished.
    Muse re-appeared on the dock, watching the sun set. She turned to her left. An 8 year old girl sat, humming softly to herself, waving her fat little legs. She turned around.
    "Oh, hello, miss! What's your name?"
    "...!" Muse stepped back, shocked. Then she could see ghosts. This has happened several times before, she should know better!
    "You don't look so good. Let's get you to my house! My mom makes the BEST chocolate milk, you should try some! C'mon!"
    "Help me..." Muse remained silent for so long that she didn't remember that she even had a voice. It came out as a choked rasp. The child stepped back, her eyes widening. She wailed loudly, and giant, fat tears started rolling down her cherry cheeks. Instantly, her mom dashed out of a nearby house. She scooped up the girl in her arms and snuggled her, asking repeatedly what was wrong. The girl only sobbed, "There's a monster, mommy, right next to you!"
    Glaring at the child and mother, Muse vanished again, upset. Would she ever find somebody who could help...?

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